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CEO Message

Based on the corporate philosophy of ‘Serving society through business,‘ AICELLO MILIM Co., Ltd.  has been expanding its business by producing key packaging materials for semiconductor manufacturing, including CleanBottle, CleanDrum, CleanBag, as well as eco-friendly packaging materials like Cleantainer and functional master batches. With the goal of ‘Contributing to society through packaging,’ we have consistently strived for diverse product development. AICELLO MILIM Co., Ltd.  views the challenge of achieving a sustainable society as crucial in ‘minimizing the environmental impact of plastics.’ We are committed to raising awareness of the goals outlined in ‘SDGs17’ and continually expanding the scope and quality of our responses. AICELLO MILIM Co., Ltd.  will continue to think and act towards the realization of a sustainable society.

AICELLO MILIM Co., Ltd. CEO Jang-wook Lim

Environmental Philosophy

AICELLO MILIM Co., Ltd.  approaches environmental issues with a sincere commitment, aiming to foster mutually beneficial relationships with customers, partners, and the local community for the realization of a harmonious society. Plastics, if mishandled even in the slightest way, can become a cause of environmental pollution. Therefore, we believe it is a time for deep reflection and action on what each of us should do. In doing so, we aspire to cherish plastics as a fruit of civilization. To achieve this, we will strive to harmonize plastic products with the Earth’s environment based on the following principles.


Pursue Methods to Minimize the Consumption of Natural Resources

Establish a Recycling System for Defective Products

Develop Environmentally Friendly Containers with Minimal Plastic Usage

Develop Environmentally Friendly Containers with Minimal Residue

Strive for a Clean Factory Enabling Employees to Work in a Pleasant Environment

Environmental Policy

AICELLO MILIM Co., Ltd.  recognizes that efforts towards environmental conservation are an integral part of our core business. Through eco-friendly product design and manufacturing technologies, we are committed to contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society following the principles outlined below.


Compliance with Environmental Laws and Other Requirements

Stringent Management of Substances Impacting the Environment

Promotion of Efficient Utilization of Energy, Materials, and Resources

Proactive Implementation of Environmental Education and Development Activities

Establishment of Environmental Objectives and Adherence to Environmental Policy

Implementation Case of Environmental Philosophy

1. Cleantainer

An environmentally friendly container that reduces plastic usage to 1/10 of conventional products.

2. EcoDrum

A world-first environmentally friendly plastic drum that can reduce residue by 1/10 has been developed.

3. Low Residue Container

Development of Containers with a Design to Minimize Residue

4. Clean Factory

<Cleanbag Factory>

<Cleandrum Factory>