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Bag in Box Container ‘Clean Tainer’

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Clean Tainer

Made by blow molding method.

Clean tainer is “Bag in Box” made by blow molding method.
It’s more shock-resistant and can keep it’s shape until using out all the contents inside.

About “Clean Tainer”

  • Clean Tainer is innovative liquid packaging article that combine cardboard with flexible plastic containers.
  • Supplement of metal and plastic containers weakness, it’s free from rust and heavy-metal.
  • Can reduce the amount of storage space required.
  • High oxygen barrier property.
  • Hygienic, eco-friendly product.

Bag in Box Container

Clean Tainer Advantage


Possible to save the storage space down

As clean tainer is thin and collapsible, it makes you possible to save the storage space down to 2/5 compared to traditional liquid containers.


As all production processes are carried out in clean room

The inner container is molded at a high temperature in a clean environment. Hygienic container.


The chemicals resistance is excellent

Superior resistance against acid, alkali, water, humidity and cold.


Stack able and Strong against the shock

Clean Tainer is light, strong, safe, stackable and shock-resistant.

Clean Tainer
Metal Can
Outer box is transformed but no leakageMetal is easy to be distorted Then liquid leaks outContainer is cracked then liquid leaks out
Multi-stage loading
4 stage pallets X 2 pallets = 8 stage loading3 stage pallets X 3 pallets = 9 stage loading4 stage pallets X 2 pallets = 8 stage loading
When Small amount of contents is discharged
While content is discharged, container gets samller so it’s difficult to be oxydizedWhile content is discharged, air easily comes in to the container and content is oxydizedWhile content is discharged, air easily comes into the container and content is oxydized


The beautiful design becomes available

Various type of design is available for the outer box.


Cleantainer is a product that can be shipped by courier

Unlike ordinary containers that cannot be delivered by courier, safe delivery is possible.

The Clean Tainer

It cannot be serious and you can use

Free from rust and heavy-metal.