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Clean Bag | Single Layer

Single Layer Clean Bag boasts excellent cleanliness.
It is classified into four types: [AFB-01 / ADF-03 / LAS-04 / Nylon Clean Bag] with each specialized ability.

  • AFB-01: Excellent cleanliness, tensile strength, elongation, and elasticity
  • ADF-03 : Excellent cleanliness, transparency, and flexibility
  • LAS-04: Excellent transparency, tensile strength, and antistatic function
  • Nylon Clean Bag: Excellent cleanliness, physical strength, and gas barrier performance

AFB-01 (Standard Clean Grade)

Excellent properties in cleanliness, tensile strength, elongation, and modulus. Easy to tear by hand, enabling easy opening.

Suitable for packaging following items: HDD parts, chip tray, backlight unit, wafer carrier tray or box, precision cleaned products, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and particle-sensitive substrates(i.e. silicon or glass wafer), cleanroom supplies (i.e. cleanroom smocks, cleanroom boots, cleanroom gloves), particle-sensitive highly functional electronic materials.

ADF-03 (Dust Free Clean Grade)

Excellent properties in cleanliness, clarity, and flexibility.

Suitable for packaging medical devices (i.e. syringe, tube), medical and food additives, capsules, bottles for purified materials, in-process material, active pharmaceutical ingredients(API).
(Available reports on the following subjects : FDA, DMF, EU, EP6.0, USP661 ,ROHS, Endotoxin, sterility, organic compound)

LAS-04 (Antistatic Clean Grade)

CLEAN BAG with antistatic function Excellent antistatic properties and strength Suitable for packaging intermediates, in-process material.
(Available reports on the following subjects : US FDA CFR 21 FOOD GRADE, KFDA , ROHS, Endotoxin)

Nylon Clean Bag

It has excellent barrier property and can be vacuum packed. Its cleanliness is very same as AFB-01. It also has antistatic function and is suitable for packaging of highly functional electronic materials which are sensitive to particles.