We keep it clean!

We keep it clean!

Our Products

Clean Bottle

Our clean bottle is a clean container which can be used in various fields such as the chemicals for electronics, semiconductors, and LCDs, medical supplies, cosmetic raw materials, reagents, and foods.

Clean Drum

Our clean drum has excellent chemical resistance that makes it difficult for acid and alkali to penetrate. We provide you with many different types of clean drums available for various applications, such as high-clean and low-clean.

Clean Bag

Clean bag is innovative packaging article that protects the cleanliness of your products. Furthermore, the absence of visible as well as invisible particle contamination is also beginning to be required in pharmaceutical, medical, food processing field.

Our Mission

With self-esteem as a provider of CLEAN BOTTTLE, CLEAN DRUM, and CLEAN BAG which are the products of cutting edge technology and facility, we are promising you that through continuous research and development, we will provide you with the highest quality products in the world.