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Business Area

We, AICELLO MILIM, provide clean packages to various industries that require complete hygiene and safety, such as food, liquid, pharmaceuticals, bio, semiconductor, and display. We will make the best effort to serve you with continuous values that meet the current trends through endless research and development.

Semiconductor / Display

We provide our customers with the containers that store photoresists, color resists and chemicals. We promise to keep the cleanliness of the contents through accurate quality and technology development.

Pharmaceuticals / Bio

We provide our customers with packaging materials used for the packaging and in-process transportation of pharmaceuticals and APIs. We strive to keep the cleanness of the contents, with our technology manages foreign substances and prevents your medical products from mixed with invisible impurities, which is necessary for the medical industry.

Food / Liquid

We provide our customers with liquid containers that can safely and cleanly store general industrial chemicals and liquid foods. Our eco-friendly product is free of foreign substances such as rust and heavy metals, thereby which can always keep the contents clean.

Agricultural / Industrial

We provide agricultural/industrial functional masterbatches and agricultural coating solution necessary to impart unique functionality when producing plastic products. Responsible for the functionality of the film through accurate quality control and technology development.

Global Business Area

Aicellomilim is conducting research/development/production with bases in Korea and China.

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