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Chemical Dispensing System

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Automated Coupling System for Chemical Supply

In order to discharge the chemical of the semiconductor chemical drum, currently the operator connected the manual coupler directly to the drum. However to prevent the safety accident resulting from exposure to harmful chemical by operators,

  • 1) The chemical drum is supplied automatically,
  • 2) Automatically open the cap of the chemical drum,
  • 3) After the coupler is automatically engaged and the chemical is discharged,
  • 4) cap is closed automatically and the next drum is supplied, ACS has been developed.

Automated coupling systems are the most important key device for connecting chemical drums and discharge devices in chemical drum supply automation systems, consisting of Automated dispensers and automated keycode dip tubes.

Quick Connect Dispener

AICELLO MILIM succeeded in development of quick connect dispenser and diptube for factory automation & automated chemical supply system.

When the dispenser is connected to a diptube, sensor is detected and dispenser send an electrical signal. This is key device of the factory automation & automated chemical supply system.

Automated keycode Diptubes

It is connected to the dispenser for automation and can be installed on the chemical drum. It can be supplied to all chemical drums regardless of drum shape, injection port shape, and manufacturer.

Various key code numbers are given to prevent chemical accident, so you can use with confidence.

Quick Connect Dispenser


Open the key code dip tube cap.

Tie-in with key code for dispenser and key code dip tube.
(It can not connect when it did not tie-in the key code.)

Tighten the dispenser screw by hand.

Dispenser connected.