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(Antistatic Super Clean Grade)

In pharmaceutical & medical field, for packaging the following items

medical devices (i.e. syringe, tube), medical and food additives, capsules, bottles for purified materials, in-process material, active pharmaceutical ingredients(API), etc.

1. Differences between our existing Antistatic film

In order to prevent the static electricity of the plastic film, an additive called ‘antistatic agent’ is added to the plastic film. After that, it is migrated out to the surface of the film and enables antistatic function. Since this antistatic agent generates a large amount of particles, it was hard to give antistatic function to clean bags. However, our PAS-05 enables clean bags to have excellent antistatic functions without any particle increase.

2. Speciality of PAS-05

PAS-05 is a clean bag made of PE material, which uses the most advanced econology by forming a surface layer into a conductive polymer layer without the ocurrence of particles and enables to flow static electricity to the outside.

3. Antistatic function of PAS-05

In the case of the film using the conventional ‘antistatic agent’, it shows the anti-static effect of about 10¹¹. For nylon clean bag, it also shows the anti-static effect of about 10¹². The PAS-05 can provide up to 10⁹ anti-static effects, and can be adjusted freely from 10⁹ to 10¹² according to customer requirements.

4. Cleanliness of PAS-05

Antistatic function should be excellent but the most important features of clean bag is ‘cleanliness’. If you have a lot of particles because of the anti-static function, like the films that use conventional ‘antistatic agents’, it’s better to use non conductive films. The PAS-05 has the same level of cleanliness as other clean bags without antistatic function.

5. Physical Properties of PAS-05

PAS-05 has the same or better physical properties than other existing PE clean bags. It is durable, flexible and provide excellent workability.